Twitter is being flooded with frantic news of Grand Central Terminal being evacuated. Business Insider reports via the Twitter updates that subways are skipping the stop, the SWAT team has flooded the platforms and the building has been evacuated. We got word over the newswire this afternoon that a suspicious package was spotted at East 42nd and Park Avenue. Is this chaos real? A hoax? We've contacted the NYCT and MTA and will update when there is more info.

UPDATE: It appears to be a Twitter hoax which stemmed from someone linking to this story from 2007. One man just Twittered this photo, noting GCT is fine. And Jane Wells of CNBC Twittered that "all is clear."

UPDATE II: NYCT's Paul Fleuranges tells us he hasn't heard about this, but is checking. He noted, "We did have a suspicious package incident at 1:36 but it cleared at 2:11." Grand Central was in fact evacuated when that occurred this afternoon.