Since it's no longer fashionable to learn from the mistakes of others, on Friday another two WTC construction workers were caught boozing during their lunch break.

They were busted by two undercover Port Authority detectives who saw them drinking beer and taking shots a Eamonn's Irish Bar on Murray Street. They have since been banned from the site, at which a construction worker fell and suffered "severe injuries" on Wednesday. If you can recall, in mid-July, four workers were caught drinking during their lunch breaks by Port Authority detectives, and the same thing happened to seven workers who were spotted drinking during their break a week later—and, of course, they were caught by PA detectives.

You guys, seriously. As you may have heard, Port Authority spends (presumably) a lot of money sending undercover agents to bars to make sure you aren't drinking on the job, so it might be a good idea to think twice before pregaming your drilling and blasting with a few Jaeger bombs.