Man, those World Trade Center construction workers just love their liquid lunch breaks. On Friday, seven workers decided to do some drinking at a nearby Warren Street bar before heading back to work—and unfortunately for them, some undercover Port Authority detectives spotted them, confiscated their IDs and threw them off the site. And just last week, the Post reported that four union workers were fired from the worksite for drinking on the job as well. Big Brother Port Authority is watching you.

Lunch break hooch scandals are nothing new for the very-heavy-machinery-operating WTC site construction crew, it seems. Three years ago, the Post ran a story about WTC workers getting wasted in Lower Manhattan during their lunch hours, and ran a follow-up story last year noting the drinking still hadn't stopped. The PA says it has a "zero-tolerance" policy on on-the-job intoxication, and it looks like they're serious about cracking down on noontime Jaegar bombs. Friday's seven construction workers have been banned from the WTC site, but have yet to be fired; their fates will be left up to subcontractors to decide.