Almost two years ago, the cornerstone at Ground Zero was placed at the World Trade Center site. But now it's been moved to Hauppague, NY! The NY Times reports that the largely symbolic slab of granite was moved in order to accomodate the new designs for the space, as there's been a new Freedom Tower design in the meantime. Developer Silverstein Properties said the cornerstone "needs to be repositioned to make sense in the new building." But don't fear: It will be on display at Innovative Stone where it was made - you need to make an appointment though. Well, at least people will be able to see it (we're trying to find the silver lining, because it's too easy to complain about anything to do with the WTC rebuilding process).

And looking ahead, officials are wondering if an admission fee should be charged for the WTC Memorial museum. The NY State Assembly approved a bill that would prohibit state funding to the WTC Memorial Foundation if there is an admission fee. However, both Governor Pataki and Mayor Bloomberg support the possibility of a fee, with Pataki saying he'll veto the bill and Bloomberg telling his radio show listeners, "I hope the governor vetoes the bill because it's probably true that without being able to charge, we can't build the memorial." And Pataki also stressed that reflection area (where the waterfalls are) would be free. The fee would run about $10-15, but the AP notes that the Holocaust Museum and Vietnam War Memorial Museum are both free. At this point, Gothamist would gladly pay a fee if it definitely went to the maintainance of memorial - not that bureaucracy around it. Would you pay?