A group of Lower Manhattan residents say they're unhappy about the extensive, fortress-like security measures the city plans to impose at the new World Trade Center site, and they're planning to file a lawsuit against the NYPD to keep the area from becoming a "fortresslike" "gated community."

The NYPD announced earlier this year that they plan to keep security around the area—you know, the one that was attacked twice inside a decade—super tight, with a virtual 16-acre moat around the area's perimeter that would include guard booths, checkpoints and vehicle barricades separating the World Trade Center, dubbed the "campus," from the surrounding city. But some local residents say they aren't thrilled about living in an airtight security bubble. "I live in the City of New York — not ‘on campus’ or in a gated community," Mary Perillo, who lives in the area, said in an affidavit. "I do not want to prove who I am to come home to my own apartment."

And so, the residents have banded together, creating a community group called the WTC Neighborhood Alliance that seeks to sue the NYPD for security plans they claim will make the area "as impervious to traffic as the Berlin Wall." The NYPD, meanwhile, released an environmental impact statement over the summer that conceded the safety measures would have "some visible presence on the streetscape," but maintained "that the entire World Trade Center site is a potential target." Which, yes, probably.