2006_05_kevinrampe.jpgThe lawsuit trying to stop the building of the WTC Memorial has been thrown out by a state Supreme Court justice. Victims' families group was upset that the memorial design would not preserve the footprints of the World Trade Center, and said the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation didn't consult with them. Justice Shirley Kornreich disagreed, saying the LMDC "exhaustive[ly]" worked with other groups during the process. As the AP reports, Kornreich's ruling states, "[The agency continues to consult with family members] in what can only be described as a commendable and sensitive manner, despite the fact that the obligation to consult ended long ago.'' Well, that's one bit of good news for the LMDC - and now this means the foundation for the memorial, which will be offset from the footprints, can get its concrete, although Gothamist suspects with all the memorial problems, there are still some design changes to come.

And the rumor is that former LMDC president Kevin Rampe will return to take over the vacated Chairman's position. Rampe resigned as LMDC president last May (Stefan Pryor replaced him), so he's familiar with all the dysfunction. Which makes him either a brilliant or doomed choice.