There's one sign the World Trade Memorial will be built - a builder has been selected to build the memorial's footings and foundation. NJ company E.E. Cruz was awarded the job, and Governor Pataki said, "This month, we will begin in earnest to build a fitting and lasting tribute to he thousands of heroic men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice on September 11." Now, besides finding contractors for other parts of the project, it's all about raising the money to fund the building.

E.E. Cruz told the NY Times' David Dunlap that his company had help with the cleanup after September 11, as it had been working on a Goldman Sachs building in Jersey City at the time: “It’s something all our people want: to go back and finish the job.” And if you go to E.E. Cruz's website, you'll hear Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and see that they worked on the AirTrain.