2006_05_gretchendykstra.jpgThe head of the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation has resigned, after months of controversy over the memorial's ballooning costs and lower-than-expected fundraising. To be fair, many of these factors seem to be out of Dykstra's control, considering how many players (we're tempted to say a cast of hundreds) bickered over the situation. The NY Times printed this excerpt from her resignation letter:

There is general agreement that the multiplicity of authorities and the unclear roles has made it difficult for anyone to move expeditiously...Perhaps it would help if there was one less player. Therefore, it is with sadness and regret that I hereby tender my resignation, effective immediately.

Snap. Most recently, she had announced she was going on a 15 city tour to raise money for the memorial. Dykstra was the city's former Commissioner of Consumer Affairs; we wonder who will have the mettle to deal with all the disparate parties involved - from elected officials to agency heads, designers to contrastors, family members to the public. Here are our posts on the WTC Memorial.

And reader Michael sent us these pictures from Ground Zero, which apparently has some radiation going on. Michael surmises it might be radon testing, but at Ground Zero, who knows?!