2006_04_wtcdust.jpgCoroners have concluded that an NYPD detective ultimately died from his cleanup work at Ground Zero. James Zadroga's death is considered to be the first cleanup worker whose death is "directly related" to the World Trade Center's dust and debris (there have been a couple deaths of workers who have developed respiratory problems after working at the site). Zadroga's family is hoping that the NYPD will consider his death an "in the line of duty" death, in order to ensure higher benefits; Zadroga's wife died in 2004, so his parents are raising the four year old daughter.

Two years ago, a lawyer sued Larry Silverstein, the Port Authority, EPA and other agencies on behalf of Ground Zero rescue workers over the hazards there. And speaking of September 11, yesterday victims' families continued their testimony during confessed conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui's death penalty trial; Moussaoui yelled, "Burn whole Pentagon next time" during the lunch recess.

Photograph of dust cloud approaching Chambers Street from the EPA, via an NYPD helicopter