The WSJWE has landed. People have been rumbling about it for months now. Dow Jones employees have been upset about the extra hours and extra employees it requires. The New York Times has been reorganizing itself to make way for its arrival (can't you hear the Grey Lady thinking "hmmm, why don't I move Maureen to Saturday, then they'll buy us too. And Times Select, let's do that the same weekend, that'll steal their thunder."). And now today it's here. The Wall Street Journal Weekend Edition has its first edition this weekend and it is, on first inspection... eh. To be fair though, we're not generally Journal readers and there are a few interesting pieces in the paper (the Pearl Jam chef who has been helping tsunami victims, the companies who outsource their company sports leagues) but still. The big new section, "Pursuits," seems like any other lifestyle section to us (which might be nice for other people, but we're just sick to death of lifestyle sections). Further, we'll be curious to see how many of the advertisers bulking up this first edition will still be around in two weeks (our guess, about half). But again, we're just not Journal people. What about you, did you pick up the weekend edition? What did you think of it?