NYC has an overabundance of larger-than-life characters who leap from the pages of the local dallies with Tex Avery-like behavior and buffoonery. A kind person would say their out-sized personalities and antics are an appropriately out-sized reflection of our city. But then again, sometimes you just want them to shut up and go away. And it seems many NYers especially want former Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Reverend Al Sharpton to go away.

The WSJ did an informal poll to see which public figures NYers wish they could get rid of, out of a group of very eligible loudmouths: radio's Howard Stern; former Gov. Eliot Spitzer; real-estate mogul Donald Trump; Rep. Charlie Rangel; TV personality Kathie Lee Gifford; Giuliani; or Sharpton. The later two tied for first place. They also found that former Mayor Ed Koch is the most "quintessential" New Yorker, followed by Giuliani, Mayor Bloomberg and Woody Allen. In sports, the Yankees best embody the qualities and spirit of New York City (they spend a lot and win a lot), while the Mets came in distant second (which is better than their usual placement). WSJ also did a political poll, and shockingly discovered a lot of registered Democrats in the state, most of whom support Cuomo and hate Paladino.

Which one of the aforementioned loudmouths do you think should leave public life?