Four men who were arrested during the 2004 Republican National Convention were just awarded $185,000 in damages after suing the city.

The case put forth by Howard Gale, Andrew St. Laurent, Robert Siegel, and Steve Ekberg,
marks the first time a RNC-related suit went to trial, although there have been other settlements regarding unlawful RNC arrests.

Earlier this year New York City agreed to pay nearly $18 million for a suit, making it the largest protest-related settlement in history. The money acted as reparation for the "arrest, detention and fingerprinting of hundreds of protestors, journalists, legal observers and bystanders during the 2004 Republican National Convention," according to

It was back in 2012 that a federal judge first deemed that the RNC arrests were illegal, while maintaining that certain actions taken by the city were acceptable. This allowed individuals and activist groups to take a stand against the wrongful arrests.

The 2004 Republican National Convention took place at Madison Square Garden, and attracted thousands of protestors who held marches and rallies against the war in Iraq and President George W. Bush. Over 1,800 arrests were made, with many detained for hours in makeshift cells.