Less than three weeks after David Wright took a 93mph beaning to the helmet, he returned to the Mets' lineup last night looking just a little bit clunkier and a lot more adorable (if that's even possible). No, the third baseman didn't get the Beetlejuice treatment during his first-ever trip to the DL, he simply went ahead with his promise that he would wear the slightly awkward-looking Rawlings S100, a new model designed to protect against pitches up to 100mph.

While many players recently laughed off the idea of wearing such an eyesore (one who tried it said it felt like "his own bobblehead day"), Wright said he was willing to try it outbefore the beaning that triggered an instant wince from any fan watching. He told reporters that just about everyone from both teams in last night's loss to Colorado had a good laugh at his expense ("I don't know, maybe I have an odd-shaped head,") but that it wouldn't deter him. Wright ended up going 1-for-3 with a walk in his return. He said, "I want to be out there no matter if we're winning the division, if we're losing the division, if we're 10 games out, 15 games out, whatever. I want to be in there fighting with my teammates and finishing out the season."

Rob Neyer of ESPN says that while MLB cannot force big leaguers to wear the new protective helmets, it can and will make them a requirement in the minors starting next year. Hold onto your tiny "headhugger" helmets before they become collector's items, kids.