Rudy Giuliani was once seriously referred to as America's Mayor, a nickname not really at all deserved, but I get why it happened. Now that he spends his days functioning as a kind of Quato for Donald Trump, Giuliani is flushing his reputation down the drain. Having already sold out his beloved September 11th once, Giuliani was back at it again today, telling a Florida audience that he didn't remember seeing Hillary Clinton at Ground Zero on 9/11. Which, you know, let's not discount the possibility that Rudy was just walking around with his eyes closed the whole time.

Giuliani, in a weird bit of 9/11 one upsmanship admitted to a Florida audience that yes, Hillary Clinton did a good job getting benefits for first responders. before suggesting to them that she never even bothered to show up at Ground Zero. But like some kind of cosmic joke, it turns out facts were there to stab Giuliani in the back, much like Clinton can be seen lurking right behind him in a photo from September 12th.

It's hard to even understand what Giuliani was attempting to do with this one, since he already leads with "Okay fine you did a good job helping people," but far be it from me to attempt to get into the headspace of a man who's been driven crazy from pawing his old clippings of good press wondering how it all fell apart so quickly.

Unless of course he just really wanted to distract us from this unhinged moment from the rally:

Only 26 more years until election day!