A wounded deer discovered behind an Upper West Side building yesterday has died, according to city officials. Stop reading here if your parents banned Bambi because it was "too sad."

The deer was found yesterday morning behind a building on West 100th Street near Amsterdam Avenue. Authorities believe the deer was struck by a driver on the Henry Hudson Parkway near 96th Street, then managed to wander into the front garden of the Bloomingdale Public Library a few blocks north.

Animal Care and Control workers transported the deer, which was bleeding from its stomach, to a nearby veterinary facility. It died soon after.

DNAinfo has a Vine showing AC&C workers transporting the animal into a vehicle:

Officials aren't sure how the deer ended up on the Upper West Side, though apparently he or she headed in with a buddy—another deer was found dead on the Henry Hudson Parkway yesterday morning. "It's not impossible that they were a couple or a mother and her fawn," Lt. Roger Lurch from the NYPD's 24th precinct told DNAinfo.

It's not super common to find (live) deer in Manhattan, though they're abundant on Long Island.