Since the MTA has officially started to remove its wooden subway station benches in favor of stainless steel ones, the financially-troubled agency is trying to take advantage of nostalgia and ignorance by offering the wooden benches to the public for $650. We can see the ad now: "Bedbugs come free of charge!"

The MTA sells its surplus items online—items currently for sale include "BUS PARTS & MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS, EXCESS" and "OFFICE FURNITURE"—and MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz said, "There’s always a demand for subway memorabilia." And NYC Transit Assistant COO Mike Zacchea said, "They’re sort of iconic. They’ve been around a long time. They’re massive. I can see them sitting in a back yard being weathered for a couple more years and serving as a conversation piece." Which is true, but can't the MTA just sell new wooden benches to us? Because are you really going to soak the entire bench in vinegar?