And suddenly we feel very, very, very poor. There is currently a three-bedroom, three-and-a-half bathroom apartment available for rent off of SoHo for $20,000 a night, $50,000 a week or $100,000 a month fully furnished. Sure, unlike our apartment this doozy of a listing is in Manhattan, has a terrace, a patio, a private roof, washer/dryer, working fireplace, retractable movie screen, an elevator, a pool, and had a Beyonce video shot in it...but still!

The building's current owners, Conan the Barbbarian director Marcus Nispel and his wife, Dyan, bought the 13,000-square-foot building in 1996 for $1.75 million and spent years getting the building up to code. They aren't commenting on the listing, however, and reportedly mostly live in the West Coast.

"It’s the most unique property in all of New York," said broker Steve Halpern, of Citi Habitats, who's handling the listing with the kind of hyperbole only a real estate agent can manage. "It’s truly an architectural masterpiece."

Still, it is an impressive rent if the Nispel's can get it. Last we heard of anything close to that was when Will Smith was rumored to be paying $85,000 a month to live in 25 Bond Street earlier this year. Still, the Journal says there are in fact a few similar mega-listings out there right now. Quite a few, in fact:

There are now about two dozen other residential listings with asking prices of $50,000 or more. The most expensive on the Upper East Side was $85,000 for a townhouse on East 71st Street, and a $78,000 listing reduced for $90,000 on East 63rd Street.

And we feel poor again.

Meanwhile, for the curious, there are more photos over on the Journal and here is the Beyonce video that was shot in the building: