We thought he was going to die in it, but plans may have changed: Chris Christie may have to part ways with his beloved fleece if his wife has her way. NJ First Lady Mary Pat Christie, who chairs The Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund, said she was offered $1,000 for the fleece. When asked if the fleece is up for auction, the first lady said, "It's not, but I may have to consider it...I'd have to get a lot more than $1,000 for it." Maybe they could sweeten the deal by throwing in a signed Bruce Springsteen red bandana.

On Weekend Update last week (see below), Christie said the fleece was "basically fused to my skin at this point," so hopefully there aren't any underlying marital troubles between the Christies, in case the now-super popular governor is forced to part ways with a literal piece of himself. Aw, who are we kidding: if the cold cruel jokes of Barbara Walters can't harm him, nothing can.