Uh, so those Yankees fans whose public restroom sex antics were posted by Deadspin? Well, a Daily News source claims that the Deadspin version is not totally right.

According to Deadspin's tipster, the Yankee Hanky Panky lasted from the "2nd through the 4th or 5th inning," but the News source insists, "It didn’t go on for two innings. [It] lasted about 10-15 minutes." The source also refutes the tipster's claim that stadium employees didn't do anything initially (the tipster said, "It must be noted that a couple of the on-lookers were stadium employees. I found a little irony in it ... they weren't security personnel but they were equipped with walkie-talkies"), "A customer called security and they were shown out of the stadium by security. They were both pretty drunk."

Finally, the source lays down the hammer, sniffing, "They were not season ticket holders, they were cheap tickets in the bleachers from a broker." Those cheapos LOVE stadium bathroom stall sex!