2006_01_osama.jpgOh, Osama. You think you can release a new audiotape proving you're alive - and send our intelligence agencies into overdrive - and threaten to attack to the U.S. again as well as offer us a truce. Those are some mighty mixed signals! To paraphrase Jon Stewart on the Daily Show last night, while it's nice that Bin Laden acknowledges the fact that many Americans are against the war, people are still pissed off at him for attacking us in the first place. No U.S. cities were mentioned in his tape, and Mayor Bloomberg says the city's terror alert level, which has been at "High" since September 12, 2001, will not be elevated. (Sidebar: We checked the NYPD site just to make sure, but the terror advisory icon has been removed from the NYPD homepage!)
Many people think the tape was a way to show people he was still alive after bombings in Pakistan. He has released 35 tapes, and only one seems to have preceded an incident outside of the Middle Eat (a truce with European countries expired and seemed to lead to the London subway bombings).

And of course the NY Post's headline is so goofy: