Yesterday, authorities announced they had arrested two men in connection with a terrorist plot to attack a Manhattan synagogue, and now they've revealed more details about the Anti-Semitic plans of the would-be terrorists. "Make no mistake about what [they] wanted to do: get guns, get explosives, blow up synagogues and kill Jews...[Ferhani] was committed to violent jihad and his plans became bigger and more violent with each passing week," said Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr.

Moroccan Mohammad Mamdouh and Algerian Ahmed Serhani, who both lived in Queens, allegedly planned to sell drugs in order to make money to buy the weapons, dress up as Hasidic Jews, and plant a bomb at a Manhattan synagogue. According to NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, Ferhani was "fed up with the way Muslims were being treated around the world," and he told an undercover cop "they're treating us like dogs." He added that Mamdouh said "I hate Jews" and Ferhani said "I want to kill them" when undercover cops first met them seven months ago. Ferhani told undercover cops they wanted to blow up synagogues "one after another."

Ferhani, 26, a former cosmetics salesman at Saks Fifth Avenue, also fantasized about blowing up the Empire State Building and a Queens church. Ferhani was arrested last October on a robbery charge, while Mamdouh, 20, also had a prior criminal record: he was arrested in October for breaking into a Queens woman's home and stealing her laptop, jewelry and a bottle of vodka. He also allegedly kicked her dog for good measure.

The "lone wolf" perps, who were charged with terrorism and hate-crime conspiracy, were caught after giving undercover cops $100 down payment for three handguns, ammunition and a grenade for the attacks. Their Queens neighbors were shocked by the allegations...because they said they were too dumb: "There's no way they could be terrorists. They are too stupid. Him and his brother are always out in the street smoking pot and fighting," said a neighbor of Ferhani in Whitestone.