The announcement of yesterday's foiled terror plot still has the world reeling, especially in airports. Lines at Newark Airport spanned the length of terminals as news revealed the plot was to blow up 10 planes bound from England to the U.S., using liquid explosives in carry-on luggage. British authorities have arrested two dozen suspects, and what's more, the Bank of England released the names of 19 suspects, after freezing their bank accounts. While Mayor Bloomberg was quick to point out there there were "no members of this group here" in NYC, NYPD is working with Scotland Yard to look over the suspects' data. And the dry-run would have been this weekend. Goodness...

The city's tourist arm, NYC Visit, is trying to make sure tourists don't freak out and cancel their plans, while some travelers are looking at taking the trains instead. Well, "patience" will be the mantra for any airport travelers these days - authorities are asking travelers to pack as little as possible to make things speedy. What we think is nice: The JFK Courtyard Marriott is stocking up on saline solution, toothpaste, and other liquidy beauty aids their guests might need.

Check out the NY Times' complete coverage of the terror plot - we thought the article about it being Al Qaeda-like and complex was interesting. Especially about the plot being "Bojinka inspired." Bojinka plots got that named after a 1995 plot to bomb eleven American airliners in the Asia-Pacific region during Pope John Paul II's visit to the Philippines. Gothamist remembers this very well because we happened to be traveling from Asia back to the U.S. during that time and had to go through 2-3 hours of security checks - and, yes, made sure not to pack any liquids in our bags. Better safe than sorry.

Are you being affected by the new carry-on restrictions?

Photograph by Benny Snyder/AP