2006_08_137lenox.jpgA 56 year old Yemeni immigrant died from a heart attack Saturday night, after confronting a person who tried to steal a box of cereal. Police say that Mohammed Mused had some sort of "physical altercation" with the thief at the Lenox Avenue and West 137th Street bodega, and then collapsed shortly after. Police, who are still looking for the shoplifter, who could be charged with murder, as the ME's office is investigating Mused's death further (the shoplifter also ended up leaving the store without the cereal).
Neighbors are saddened by Mused's death, noting that he would give customers credit if they needed and would help out other businesses. His son said that Mused worked 12 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to send money to his wife and other children there.