Osama bin Laden's death roused up strong feelings of patriotism and jingoistic drink recipes—and it also inspired someone to inform a proposed Brooklyn mosque of the Al Qaeda leader's death by way of graffiti. Sheepshead Bites reports that "He is dead" and smiley faces were spray painted onto the fence outside a controversial mosque site. The mosque's organizers called it a "hateful act."

Ibrahim Anse, who is part of the group overseeing construction of the Voorhies Avenue mosque and cultural center, told Sheepshead Bites, "That was graffiti from a person who looks at the world in the wrong way. Osama bin Laden is dead, and we as Muslim Americans suffered from him and his act [as much as anyone else]... It is a relief for us as Muslims [that bin Laden has been] killed, which he deserves."

The mosque's developer has previously emphasized "we will denounce terrorism" of course, but the mosque's opponents think otherwise.