Jets coach Rex Ryan may talk softly and carry a big stick (which he says he'll point over the outfield before hitting one over the fence), but Jets owner Woody Johnson is these days making due just carrying two big sticks. The Johnson & Johnson scion arrived at the NFL league meetings yesterday on crutches after getting hit by a car while riding a bike in Florida.

“I took on a car, and the car won,” Johnson explained. "I wasn't wearing a helmet and all that stuff. You are supposed to do all that stuff. I didn't hit my head or anything. I broke my ankle." He had surgery to repair the injury on March 11 and expects to remain on crutches for at least two months.

Neither Woody or the Jets would talk about exactly how the accident went down (though apparently he was riding a rental) but the owner did add that "A driver is not supposed to hit bikes. Anyway, that's the way it went down."

We wonder if he was speeding.