After this week's bizarre and somewhat alarming Roosevelt Island tram stoppage, people have been alternately thanking their lucky stars they weren't on the thing and wondering if they'd be stuck somewhere. So the NY Times decided to find out some answers about some possible situations:

In a spirit of public paranoia, The New York Times came up with five other places you would not want to get stuck and presented them to the Fire and Police Departments to see how they would respond. All the situations were unique to New York, and none were related to terrorism.

Ha! They are: Water Tunnel No. 3; The Wonder Wheel at Coney Island; Skyfari Tram at the Bronx Zoo while over lions; a commuter helicopter crash in the East River; and on faulty scaffolding on the Empire State Building. Apparently the FDNY asked the Wonder Wheel operators if they could do practice drills there, but the Wonder Wheel people said no. Gothamist would like to add a few other places we wouldn't want to be stuck: Any subway under the East River - that's a long walk; caught in the middle of North River Wastewater Treatment Plant - stinky!; and in the middle of Times Square on a nice Saturday - why do these tourists walk so slow!

Where wouldn't you want to be stuck? How do you think the NYPD and FDNY would respond?

Photograph by Tien Mao