2007_11_lihi.jpgOn Tuesday afternoon, 72-year-old Reinaldo Herrera was hanging Christmas lights outside his Westbury home and went inside to get more lights. Suddenly, a 21-year-old gang member stormed in, threatening him with a gun and demanded cash and jewelry. Somehow, Herrera managed to overpower the would-be robber; the senior said, "When he say, 'Give me the ring, give me the watch, give me the money,' I put my hands on him, strong, to the floor." He added, "He kicked me...I kicked him back."

Santos Zelaya, a member of the MS-13 gang, ran away, but cops were able to catch up with him. And then it turned out that Zelaya had been hired by Herrera's 47-year-old estranged nephew, Jorge Duque - Duque was the getaway driver (but he drove off when he saw Zelaya running).

The gun Zelaya threatened Herrera with turned out to be a BB gun, but he was still charged with first-degree criminal use of a firearm, as well as burglary and robbery. Duque was also charged with burglary and robbery. Herrera, who works as a custodian at a Plainview supermarket, told reporters he was unlikely to forgive his nephew, "What am I going to forgive? Let him pay first if he did that to me."