On Thursday, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced his presidential campaign, promising to take on President Donald Trump head on. He called him a bully and also coined a nickname for him—"Con Don."

Predictably, Trump responded. First he tweeted in the morning, right after de Blasio's kickoff, "The Dems are getting another beauty to join their group. Bill de Blasio of NYC, considered the worst mayor in the U.S., will supposedly be making an announcement for president today. He is a JOKE, but if you like high taxes & crime, he’s your man. NYC HATES HIM!"

Trump later filmed a video (while flying from Washington D.C. to New York City for a fundraiser) and went full WWE:

Trump said, "It'll never happen," referring to a de Blasio presidency. "I'm pretty good at predicting things."

"If you like high taxes, and if you like crime, you can vote for him. But most people aren’t into that," Trump said. (Overall crime has been dropping under de Blasio's term.) "So I wish him luck. But really it’d be better off if you got back to New York City and did your job for the little time that you have left. Good luck. Do well.”

Then de Blasio released a Twitter video response, again addressing the president as "Con Don" and remarking upon his "low energy."

"You were getting your facts wrong because crime has gone down in New York City five years in a row. And our economy is booming," de Blasio said, citing record number of jobs in the city. (For more on the mayor's record, please read "America's Guide To Bill de Blasio, NYC Mayor And Possible Presidential Candidate.")

De Blasio appears to be enjoying even the negative reaction to his campaign. Speaking from Iowa on Friday's Morning Joe, the mayor pointed out, "When you look at who mocks, when you look at who attacks, it tells you so much.... Rupert Murdoch's NY Post has been attacking me, and Con Don himself, Donald Trump, not only Tweeted at me, he created his own video!"

"There is nothing about Donald Trump that surprises me there's nothing about him that intimidates me," de Blasio added. "I look forward to fighting him head on and you saw on that video I'm already under his skin."

Joe Scarborough also professed himself a fan of the nickname "Con Don."

De Blasio will be on The Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC at 10:25 a.m. on Friday. Anyway, Trump is probably enjoying the attention on de Blasio, especially after the Fox News poll that shows Joe Biden beating Trump by 11 points.