2005_08_jdate.jpgGothamist doubts we'll be reading this story in the NY Times' Modern Love column, but you never know: A 60-something widow was taken for $100,000 by a match from JDate, the online dating service of choice for the Chosen People. Kids and grandkids - please watch what your parents or grandparents are doing with the Internet! It can be dangerous! The scammer, Alan Sarner of Sheepshead Bay (and the father of an NYPD assistant commissioner! - however, as the Daily News found, his son is estranged), told the widow he was a banker about invest in a company that was close to finding a cure for leukemia, which just happened to be what the widow's husband died of. The Brooklyn DA's office think there are more victims to be found. Sarner, who is married, wrote to the victim, "I don't like false or dishonest people...I have attached a grundgy [sic] picture of myself, taken after two weeks at sea." Damn, this guy is too good. Anyway, the Post asks "Will she look for love again on JDate?" and she says, "Never."