The Times has a good article about the traffic nightmare that occurs at the intersection of Flatbush, Atlantic, and Fourth Avenues in Brooklyn, and comes up with some great facts:

During the commuter rush, as many as 4,600 vehicles pass through the intersection every hour, according to the city's Department of Transportation. Hundreds more join the flow toward the intersection from Fourth Avenue, which cuts across Atlantic and Flatbush Avenues to the west, servicing South Brooklyn's docks and residential neighborhoods.

A few feet below lies a major transit hub - the Atlantic Avenue and Pacific Street subway stations, which handle 10 lines, and a Long Island Rail Road station - that serves about 50,000 riders a day. And on the intersection's north side sits the Atlantic Terminal, a mall that houses, among other things, one of the busiest Target stores in the Northern Hemisphere.

This is newsworthy because of the Nets Stadium development currently being planned on this same spot-- a development that many people feel will make traffic in the area much, much worse. Here's our solution to the quagmire: put Flatbush Avenue underground for these five blocks, with cloverleaf exits to and from Atlantic Avenue. Better yet: add congestion pricing to the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, to discourage people from coming in during rush hour. To top it all off: add a 4-to-a-car restriction on both bridges, which would hugely reduce the influx of traffic to the bridges at rush hour. Traffic engineers: what are your ideas for solving the problem?

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