2007_01_rubell.jpgThere is a very crazy story about a nasty split between self-proclaimed "entertaining guru" Jennifer Rubell and her boyfriend Daniel Kim. Rubell, whose website describes her as "writer, renowned hostess, hotelier, Harvard grad and member of the illustrious Rubell clan," filed for custody of their 14 month old daughter (named Stevie, after Uncle Steve of Studio 54) because Kim has become, well, crazy. Kim has allegedly become "verbally abusive," tried to pressure her into letting him film or photograph her during sex, leaves the room when she tries to talk to him (he rather email), put a surveillance camera in the house and left a threat, "You have been warned."

...He "thinks nothing of taking days at a time to shop for clothes, or spending countless hours trying on the clothes he has bought and figuring out what he should keep." He also spends "countless hours on the phone dialing in to listen to broadcasts of board meetings" of companies in which he owns stock, the filing says.

"I would understand if he were a research analyst and this was a part of his profession, but it is not," she said. "This is simply how he chooses to spend his day."

Kim had been working in film, but totally stopped, simply spending his time smoking pot in Rubell's 5-floor brownstoneon Lexington off East 29th Street. Rubell and baby Stevie have moved out. Buried in the story, the Post wonders why the filing doesn't "explain why Rubell has never changed the locks."

As for looking good on paper, Kim was a Rhodes Scholar and had worked at McKinsey. Rubbell and Kim were even featured in Harvard's 02138 magazine's premier issue: "Rubell’s Korean food impresses even the Korean parents of Daniel Kim." This sounds like the makings of a NY Times Modern Love column!