The Chelsea parking garage which had a four alarm fire blaze through it yesterday is still closed as the Department of Buildings decides whether or not it is in danger of collapsing. The fire, which closed down parts of 9th and 10 Avenues and created smoke problems in the A/C/E station at 14th Street and 8th Avenue, is still under investigation, though some early reports suggest there may have been an elevator short circuit. The garage is used by a lot of people who work at the Chelsea Market, and car owners are wondering whether their vehicles survived. One even showed the NY Times his parking stub that "said in fine print that in case of fire, theft or explosion, the garage was liable for up to $25,000" (the man said it would take another $10,000 to pay for his Audi, but thought his insurance would cover it). If only mass transit were good enough for these folks. But seriously, if building is in danger of collapsing, that would be some crazy mess with all the cars in it. Or if the elevator is out of order, are the cars are just stranded there?