Last month the World's Fastest Nudist was just a mysterious, fanny-pack wearing man trotting through the boroughs, scaring young children, and posting videos on YouTube. After getting coverage both online and on screen — it even made it to the desk of Anderson Cooper — the veil has been pulled off: he's just another marketing tool, and we've all been duped.

Today the NY Times reports on the latest video, which is a blatant advertisement for online shoe company Zappo's. They declared: “We’re not preying on anyone’s emotions. This was all about fun.” But what about all those other nude running enthusiasts who looked up to the WFN as a mentor — what about their emotions unnamed online shoe company?

The agency who dreamed up the WFN told the paper that since they "did not pitch to Mr. Cooper’s show, to 'have a viral video go out over CNN was a breakthrough.'” Sigh, it's like Balloon Boy all over again.