Could there be another World's Fair coming to Flushing-Meadows? The Bureau of International Exhibitions has reportedly asked New York City if it'd be interested in hosting a fair in 2012 or 2015. The Flushing Meadows Corona Park World's Fair Association is very enthusiastic about the idea, with its president David Oats explaining,
"The U.S. hasn't had a fair in two decades. Since they [the committee] opened the door, we felt we had an obligation to look into this seriously." The FMCPWFA is working on the proposal, with the Willets Point junkyards as the base. But there are some roadblocks, namely how the U.S. ended its membership with the BIE in 2001 and that Mayor Bloomberg, and then President Bush, would have to support the effort.

Would having another World's Fair leave of us with cool, if very dated structures that inspire films and rap videos? If it's a way to revitalize parts of Queens, then it's definitely worth a shot...the next step would be about making it easier to get there. And there's Peace Through Understanding, "New York World's Fair Community."

Photograph from Triborough on Flickr