TSA agents write the darndest notes! Hot on the heels of the agent who left a note in a woman's bag next to her vibrator that said "GET YOUR FREAK ON GIRL" (and was later punished for it) comes this hilarious note that appeared in Freddie Gibbs's bag earlier this week. Is pot not a problem for some TSA agents?

The story in full: When Gibbs flew with what looks like a healthy amount of green in his checked bag, rather than confiscate the drug it appears a TSA agent just left it along with a note that read "C'mon Son." Nice guy, right?

Of course, there is a good chance this is just a prank (really, wouldn't an agent that chill just keep the bud for themselves?) but just in case we've e-mailed the TSA for comment. And in the meantime, there has so far been no word about the incident on the TSA blog.