2005_12_elfsnow.jpgThis is pretty awesome: Cobble Hill resident Jonathan Rosen is trying to organize a potentially Guinness world record-breaking snowball fight in Brooklyn. That would be some hot stuff. Rosen wants to break the Swiss record of 2,473 people engaged in snow-to-snow action, so he posted a listing on craigslist to "get the (snow)ball rolling." If you email him at brooklynsnowballfight(at)gmail.com, he'll keep in touch with logistics - clearly, there needs to be some good packing snow. And the Daily News says that Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz as well as Prospect Park Alliance head Tupper Thomas support the winter combat; Markowitz said, "I support any event that brings Brooklynites from all walks of life together while putting Brooklyn in the Guinness book as home to the biggest cast of characters anywhere," while Thomas expressed some concern over the safety issues, but felt Prospect Park would be a great showcase. The Parks Department says that the permit will explain various liability issues, which makes Gothamist think that a proud, Brooklyn-based insurance company should step up and take the chance.

And if Rosen wanted to ensure that the snowball fight would be a must-throw event, we suggest he line up Bruce Ratner or Mayor Bloomberg (or both!).