In the cozy pink travertine womb of Trump Tower, Donald Trump has put the model of his dream buildings for the World Trade Center - essentially replicas of the old WTC - for the public to see. Yesterday, the real estate tycoon and casino tyfool took some time in a press conference that was conveniently the day before the season finale of The Apprentice to call Freedom Tower a piece of "crap architecture," and offered up Harry Belton and Ken Gardner's design as the best alternative. Of course, Trump can't actually build at Ground Zero, as the rights belong to his "good friend" Larry Silverstein, so his words can be taken as one part person hates the building, fifty parts showman, and zero part of the actual process. Gothamist appreciated this quote from Thomas Roger, who heads up a victims' family organization and whose daughter died as a flight attendant on September 11, to the NY Times: "If he has such grand ideas and imaginative thoughts, where was he three years ago when the master planning was going on?" Exactly.

The Apprentice season finale is live at NYU tonight. And Gothamist used to want Tana to win The Apprentice, but she was so foolish last week that we will end up watching Tivo'd Lost from last night.

Photograph from Dead Programmer