There's an absolutely brilliant Observer article by Choire Sicha about the new world order of gay cruising and hook-ups in New York City. Places that were once good for trysts are now being overrun by everyone, which is just like the straight people to appropriate what the gay love! The article looks at the intersection of the city's public planning with the evolution of the city's gay male population - it's like Cruising meets The Power Broker, with a splash of Emily Post (an invite to a party said, "Don’t go into the basement w/o checking your wallet. It’s hard to avoid pickpockets when your pants are on the floor.”)! Among the observations and predictions are the suggestions that the World TradeCenter's Memorial Plaza could become "Pick Up Central," the High Line as another cruising magnet and that bohemian Manhattan (and perhaps Brooklyn as well) is dead. Well, this means only one thing: The gays must flock to the Bronx, Queens or Staten Island. Or Baltimore, where it's still seedy?

Are the outer boroughs better for cruising? And where?