This morning, construction workers will be laying down the first part of a steel retaining wall for three towers at the World Trade Center site. The towers are the ones designed by Norman Foster, Richard Rogers and Fumihiko Maki on the east side of the site. The Port Authority is in charge of laying the foundation for the three towers by the end of 2008, and then WTC developer Larry Silverstein will complete the construction. Silverstein Properties says the buildings will be completed by 2011 and 2012. Learn more about 200 Greenwich by Foster, 175 Greenwich by Rogers and 150 Greenwich by Maki.

Scientists are working on new methods to test bones found at Ground Zero for DNA. The AP reports that experts hope that the bones recently found will yield better DNA data, since some are full leg and arm bones. Additionally, one new testing method that seems to be effective is one that needs five days to extract DNA, versus ones that need two days. Remains from over 1,100 WTC victims have not been found.

And the NY Times' David Dunlap writes about how there is still unhappiness about the new plan for listing names at the WTC Memorial. While firefighters and police officers will be grouped by precinct/company/command, civilian victims won't have any other designation. Some victims' families wish the names could include company names and floors.

Photograph taken at the WTC site last Saturday by Frank Franklin II/AP