2005_05_lmdcfamilyroom.jpgA couple weeks ago, an episode of Penn & Teller's Bullsh*t! centered around the many fights at Ground Zero. The show criticized the slowness of bureaucracy (hello, PatakI) and the designs selected for Ground Zero, including the memorial. The show also filmed one of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation's Family Rooms, where victims' families members can "observe the site in quiet contemplation." Well, this upset other victims' families who have besieged the LMDC with complaints. A firefighter's father wrote, "I am outraged that this sacred Family Room was violated in so despicable a manner and would like you to send my utter disgust to whoever was responsible." (It seems as though Anthony Gardiner of the WTC Family Advisory Council let them in.) Another family member who is on the LMDC added, "In addition to violating the protocols of no media in the Room, this incident was even more troubling because the name of this program is Showtime's Penn and Teller 'Bull----.'" Aside from any agreements that the Family Room would remain private and away from cameras, Gothamist wonders if the family members actually saw the show, because the show seemed to support many of the family members' claims (the designs are terrible, the process sucks, how are we going to remember loved ones, etc.).

And at Cannes, Oliver Stone showed 26 minutes of World Trade Center (Variety, subscription required, said the reaction was "cautiously positive"). Did anyone see the trailer for it before seeing The DaVinci Code? We had some good debate on the merits of the trailer last week.