Most of the world is on PopeWatch, while the media is taking a break from TerriWatch to cover the latest on the terrible ailments of Pope John Paul II. The Vatican says he's in very grave condition, after the past few weeks of a trachetomy, a UTI, septic shock, and a heart attack of sorts. New Yorkers of Polish descent have been convening in Greenpoint at St. Stanislaus Kostka Church to pray for the Pope, while Cardinal John Egan gave a special prayer at St. Patrick's Cathedral. Here's the Vatican's official site, which seems to be experiencing heavy traffic. For more about the Popse, there's the Pope John Paul II Center in DC, a 1999 CNN profile and Wikipedia's entry.

Gothamist wonders what's happening in Iraq or other parts of the world, because following people's declines seem to be the new drug the news channels are hooked on. But Frank Perdue got to die without a deathwatch.

Photo of a Pope John Paul II bust at St. Patrick's from Reuters