2006_10_bloombergerrand.jpgWhen your boss is a billionaire mayor, there are probably some risks. But who knew that getting carjacked in NJ would be one? This morning, one of Mayor Bloomberg's personal assistant was carjacked and beaten while running an errand for the Mayor. According to the AP, a woman asked the assistant for money somewhere in Hackensack; the assistant declined and rolled up his window, but a man got into the passenger side and punched him! Lock your doors, drivers. He was forced out and the pair took the car. Police found the car abandoned in Fair Lawn and are still looking for the carjackers.

This was not a city employee, but one of the mayor's personal employees who tends to the billionaire Bloomberg's dealings. When the mayor has a personal matter that can be a photo op, he'll do it himself, like when he was shopping during Rosh Hashannah. And this is not been a good day, vehicle-wise, for the Mayor: The Daily News notes that the Mayor may have agreed to participate in last week's Audi event because daughter Georgina has a sponsorship deal with them.

And did you see the introduction to the VH1 Hip Hop Honors last night? Mike B, yo!