Investigators say they've collared the crooked worker who filled two Chase bank ATM's with obviously counterfeit cash a little over a week ago. Jean Carlo Pena, who recently turned 26, is an employee of NCR Corporation, a contractor hired to service ATMs at some Chase locations. He was arrested yesterday afternoon after arriving at JFK on a Jet Blue Flight from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, where he flew after allegedly swiping almost $80K.

Law enforcement sources tell the Post that Pena may have "burned through the cash partying in the Dominican Republic," and that he "rented a [lavish] automobile [while in the DR]." Police were waiting for him with handcuffs upon his return to JFK, and he faces federal charges of possession of counterfeit currency and embezzlement by a bank employee.

Investigators say his crude counterfeit bills were probably not intended to fool anyone besides the machines themselves, and that most of the machines detected the counterfeit currency before dispensing them to customers. The fake bills slipped through on two occasions, however, and each customer immediately reported it to bank employees. Chase has promised that these customers "will be made whole."