Yesterday afternoon, a construction worker working outside a building on 12th Street in Park Slope, Brooklyn fell four stories to his death. Henryk Siebor, 42, was supervising other workers and had been called over to inspect some scaffolding; the NY Times reports, "As Mr. Siebor stepped onto the scaffold, one of the lines holding it to the building gave way, sending the scaffold swinging against the building as he plunged to his death, landing on a first-floor terrace below."

Two other workers were saved by their safety harnesses and were left dangling until firefighters could rescue them through a fourth-floor window—a witness told the Post, "I heard this terrible ripping sound, and I turned around, and the gentleman who was still on the remaining scaffold started screaming, 'He's dead! He's dead!'"

Siebor was wearing a safety harness, but it apparently wasn't tied off to the building properly. Department of Buildings Commissioner Robert LiMandri said, "We have two people that are very lucky. They are lucky to be alive. Their colleague is not, so the message is make sure you're tied off, make sure you're wearing your safety harness and make sure you talk to the person you're working for." Friends say that Siebor lived in Brooklyn and sent money home to his family in Poland.

The building at 438 12th Street (the Ansonia condominiums) was having its brick facade replaced; according to the Daily News, there were "10 outstanding Buildings Department violations, including five for work done without a permit." There's a stop-work order at the site now, as the investigation continues (violations are pending).