Last summer, three workers died when they were overcome by toxic fumes in a sewage hole at a Queens recycling plant. One of the men was Shlomo Dahan, who owned his own sewage firm and jumped into the hole to save his 23-year-old son, Harel. Now the Queens DA's office says that one of Dahan's employees stole the firm while Dahan's widow was burying him and Harel in Israel.

When Sarah Dahan went abroad for the burials, she entrusted Ygal Lalush, a 10-year employee, with running the business. However, the NY Times reports that prosecutors say Lalush "changed the locks, stole the company’s four trucks, wrote $30,000 in company checks for his personal benefit and basically started running the business out of his home under a different corporate name." Sarah Dahan, who co-owned S. Dahan Piping and Heating with her husband, first tried to handle the matter on her own, but then turned to the authorities, who eventually charged Lalush with fraud, grand larceny, forgery, possession of stolen property and falsifying business records.

Lalush's lawyer told the Daily News his client was a partner and he was simply taking what was his, "This tragedy has distorted her [Dahan] and upset her and she seeks what is not hers." But are her husband's and son's passports and death certificates also not hers? The police allegedly "recovered the original passports of Shlomo and Harel Dahan, their death certificates, titles to all four company vehicles, as well as business records that belonged to S. Dahan Piping" from Lalush's home.