042808pavilion.jpgUPDATE: NY1's first report yesterday on the Union Square Pavilion lawsuit has been corrected. It turns out that, contrary to the initial news, the injunction stopping work on the park’s 78-year-old Pavilion is still in effect.

While parts of the planned renovation to the north end of the park can now proceed, including construction of the expanded playground, the judge has also temporarily stopped the city from cutting down any trees while a lawsuit brought by a coalition of parks advocates and community groups moves forward.

At the center of the controversy is the proposal to turn over the park’s 78-year-old Pavilion to a private restaurateur, heavily rumored to be none other than Shake Shack and Union Square Café owner Danny Meyer. Opponents object to what they see as the privatization of park space and argue that the city needs approval from the state legislature before moving forward with the $21 million overhaul. They also oppose the planned removal of 14 mature trees.

Photo of Union Square Pavilion courtesy Wallyg.