2005_10_rataxes.jpgThe MTA will have its police force trained by the Verbal Judo Institute in order to keep exchanges with difficult customers from turning violent, reports the Daily News. The deal with the VJI is worth $40,000, a drop in the MTA's bucket given everything else it has to do with, but it's got its eccentricties, with the VJI's creator is nicknamed "Rhino" and the students being told tosay "Woosha!" "after sweet-talking a vexing or volatile civilian" (it's like a "toned-down" martial scream with a "natural expulsion of breath ... and represents a win"). Also, they MTA cops will be told to view laywers thusly: "He's that three-piece, shark-skinned, tassel-shoed, alligator-belted, four-eyed, Gray Poupon sucking S.O.B," because they might want to twist their words. Hey, in Gothamist's experience, that's The Man! So, if you hear martial arts breaths - or even screams - assume it's all part of business. Which is fine with us, because you know you've seen that squabbling, rough-looking couple on the platform where it seems like the husband is the most abusive piece of dirt ever and the wife is crying yet she still goes back to him and you and the other customers look at each other helplessly.