w2006_01_winds.jpgCraziness on the weather front this morning. High winds have tipped over tractor trailers on the George Washington and Tappan Zee Bridges, closing both for a while this morning. In the Bronx, where wind gusts have been up to 68 mph, trees have fallen across MetroNorth tracks, delaying their Harlem and New Haven line runs. 1010 WINS is also reporting power outages in the Bronx, Westchester, New Jersey and on Long Island. How was your favorite wind tunnel this morning?

Currently, the National Weather Service has issued the following statements for New York: Coastal Flood Statement; Coastal Hazard Message; Flood Statement; Hazardous Weather Outlet; High Wind Warning; and a Short Term Forecast.

To add to the craziness it is nearly sixty degrees outside. That'll drop pretty rapidly into the mid-40s this afternoon. Don't be surprised if we get a thunderstorm before then. The rain may be heavy before it clears out later today. The wind, though maybe not as strong as right now, is going to stick around through Friday. Gentlemen, hold on to your toupees! It will be cooler tomorrow, only ten degrees above normal, before warming up into the fifties again on Friday.

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Wind gust map from the National Weather Service