2006_04_toon84.JPGWe're pretty sure that City Councilman Peter Vallone has a rolodex of statements ready to give whenever there's a graffiti arrest in Queens, but this is the first time Gothamist has heard Queens DA Richard Brown weigh in on graf. With the arrests of two men for "criminal mischief and making graffiti", Brown said, "City officials and anti-graffiti activists have done a remarkable job over the years in cleaning up New York City's image as a graffiti-scarred city. We cannot allow vandals to mar the beauty of our city and return us to the days when our transit system and our highways and buildings were covered with graffiti." According to AM New York, Peter Korolis used the tag Kaspo and may face up to 4 years in jail while Kevin Varela, who tagged under "Toon 84" (his stuff can be seen in Queens and Brooklyn), faces up to 1 year.

The NYPD's Anti-Graffiti Task Force.

Photograph of Toon 84 tag from robots will kill