2008_06_tuckslave.jpgA well-known lawyer who founded a law firm to fight for women's issues has been sued by an office manager who claims he sexually harassed her. Lisa Brockington says that Jack Tuckner, of Tuckner, Sipser, Weinstock & Sipser (whose firm URL is womensrightsny.com), is a "chauvinist masquerading as a woman's advocate."

The firm represented Brockington in a job discrimination suit, and after it was settled, she interned at the firm and was later hired as an office manager. But, as she tells it, the job soon turned into a nightmare. From the Daily News:

She discovered an overheated environment in which Tuckner allegedly referred to her as "the ultimate shiksa so highly coveted by inner-city Jews such as him," the suit charges.

The partner is also accused of engaging in X-rated workplace conversations in which he discussed burning his "you-know-what" with a lotion his girlfriend gave him.

The suit said Tuckner told Brockington he was a piercing enthusiast who was "extremely into spanking" and kept a screen saver on his computer that shows him kneeling at the feet of his girlfriend, who was dressed in a black dominatrix outfit.

The Post's details these tidbits: Tuckner allegedly told Brockington "he had numerous tattoos and body piercings, including pierced genitalia" and he "wears a bondage 'slave' collar in the office."

Plus, according to the lawsuit, when Brockington Googled Tuckner's girlfriend's name--Mia Metzger--she found an ad saying "I am a Dominant Woman with a long-term male slave. I seek to add a female service oriented slave to our family...[and] a man who is interested in partnering with me in a cuckold relationship." Oddly enough, when you Google "Lisa Brockington," the first result is for the law firm...and the page is now for "Mia Metzger." (Here's the cached page with Brockington's description.)

Tuckner, Sipser, Weinstock & Sipser, whose past clients have sued Madison Square Garden for race discrimination, Faye Wattleton for pregnancy discrimination, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz for bias, and other high-profile organizations, denies all the accusations and a lawyer said, "These false and misleading charges are a reflection of the person bringing the charges and are in no way a reflection of Jack Tuckner or of [the firm]." Brockington resigned from the firm in January, after a tumor scare.